An Open Letter To President Trump

Recently I sent a letter to President Trump. The contents of the letter are below.


Dear Mr. President,
I apologize if it feels like many Christians won’t stop attacking you. What we actually are trying to do is proclaim the beautiful gospel of Christ. It just seems like we are attacking you because the gospel runs contrary to most of the things you and your administration stand for.

I mean think about it, you are pro-torture, Jesus isn’t. You have no problem enacting laws that will desecrate sacred lands and ruin the environment, but Jesus calls us to care for creation. You are for putting up walls and leaving the refugees to fend for themselves, but Jesus calls us to tear down walls and welcome the alien and the stranger. You have no problem with lying but Jesus is not only for truth, he is the truth. You think greed is good, but Jesus condemns it. You’re all about groping women and treating them as sexual objects but Jesus tells us that we are sinning if we even look at a woman with lust in our hearts.

Our proclamation of the gospel just makes it seem like you are being attacked, but make no mistake, the gospel attacks all of us relentlessly with its loving words of transformation. Jesus does that to everybody, not just you.  It’s Jesus who is attacking you, not us. We’re just trying to proclaim the gospel and you keep stepping in front the the oncoming train that is Jesus.

This is why Empires never like Jesus. Empires always crucify Jesus and his followers but Jesus still brings the Empires down in the end. We beg you to join us on the side of the gospel Mr. President. We welcome you to the table of grace, mercy, peace, and reconciliation.

Everyone is welcome at the table of Christ, including you. Every tribe, every tongue, every nation and social class. Please join us sir, and we do apologize Mr. President, but it’s not us attacking you, it’s Jesus. He loves you too much to let you get away with it.


Rick Lee James