Alexander Grayson James Is Born: First Baby of the New Year

Rick, Jenn, & Alexander Grayson James
Rick, Jenn, & Alexander Grayson James

This is a picture and a newspaper article from the Springfield News Sun in Springfield Ohio about our new little baby boy Alexander.


By Andrew McGinn

Staff Writer


The first baby of 2013 in Springfield arrived fashionably late — he decided he’d rather be born on Jan. 2.

Born to Jenn and Rick James of Springfield at 1:53 a.m. Wednesday in Springfield Regional Medical Center, Alexander Grayson James tipped the scales at 6.5 pounds.

It’s not uncommon for Clark County’s new year baby to actually be born on Jan. 2, according to a nursing supervisor, but the Jameses were shocked that Alexander still won the title (and the accompanying gift basket).

“It was just shock there wasn’t another born,” said Jenn James, 37.

“They told us he was in the running for it when we got here,” said Rick James, 35.

Not only is Alexander the county’s first baby of 2013, he’s also the couple’s first baby — and the family’s first grandchild.

“He’s a lot of firsts,” said Jenn James, a special education preschool teacher at Hustead Elementary School.

That said, though, he wasn’t supposed to arrive until Jan. 17.

Jenn James said it doesn’t matter that hers is the first baby of 2013.

“I’m just glad he’s here and healthy,” she said.

But, seeing that now he’s here, leave it to the dad to claim bragging rights.

“Our first baby and he’s the first of the new year,” beamed Rick James, a Christian music singer-songwriter and music pastor at First Church of the Nazarene on East Home Road.

One thing was certain — the couple knew they were having a boy before Wednesday.

“I started buying superhero clothes just as soon as I could,” Rick James said.

They should be a natural fit. Alexander’s middle name, Grayson, was inspired by Dick Grayson, the identity of Robin the Boy Wonder in the comics.

But, between those clothes and the many clothes already given to them, they suspect they have Alexander clothed up to his third birthday.

“If people could keep buying his clothes until he’s 18, that would be awesome,” Rick James said. “Is that a perk of the new year baby?”


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