“I've watched Rick grow as an artist and songwriter for many years. Congratulations brother on an excellent independent release! Bravo!!"
Paul Baloche – Dove Award Winning Singer and Songwriter 

“Rick Lee James helps us discover something through his Thunder project. We all know that thunder follows after lightning. This project echoes the power of the word of God in song. RLJ is a poet and singer. You will not only enjoy listening, you'll be drawn in to the source -  Jesus.”
Mike Harland – Director of Lifeway Worship Resources

Rick Lee James is songwriter who doesn’t just turn a line, but cultivates lyrics that are planted firmly in deep theological roots. On Thunder, his latest album, he composes with the complexity and depth of a musician who has learned the craft by living the life. Thunder is set to be released independently in February 2018 through James’ company, Voices In My Head Productions. The album was recorded at Old Bear Studio in Buffalo, New York with producer Chris Hoisington (Brothers McClurg). This 13 track album combines James’ thoughtful melodies, instrumental versatility, and spoken words to create a vibe where artistry and liturgy meet. The lead single, “Thunder”, is a never before released song by the late Rich Mullins, co-written with Lowell Alexander and Phil Naish, accompanied by a beautiful new music video.

THUNDER Track List

  1. Reading: Matthew 21: 12-14 :35
  2. Thunder [Rich Mullins, Lowell Alexander, Phil Naish] 3:46
  3. The Love of Christ [Rick Lee James] 3:39
  4. Whom Have I In Heaven But You? (Psalm 73) [Rick Lee James] 4:43
  5. Glory To God the Trinity (Trinity Hymn) [Rick Lee James] 3:45
  6. Love Divine, All Loves Excelling (Perfect Love) [Charles Wesley, Rick Lee James] 4:30
  7. Reading: Prayer For Peace :43
  8. Love Our Enemies (Rick Lee James) 4:29
  9. Be My All [Randy Cox, Rick Lee James] 3:34
  10. The Lord Is Our Shepherd (To The Babies We Lost) [Rick Lee James] 4:34
  11. Psalm 27: 13-14 :13
  12. Stay [Rick Lee James] 4:53
  13. My Master Was So Very Poor [Henry Lee, Rick Lee James] 3:14

The People Who Made It Happen

Rick Lee James: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Tenor Guitar Piano, Mellotron, Hand Claps, BGVs

Chris Hoisington: BGVs, Thunder Maker

Anthony Hoisington: Mellotron, Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes

Paul Mitro: Drums, Thunder Maker

Jeremy Thompson: Electric Guitar, Mellotron, Bass

Engineered by Paul Mitro, Ronnie Schrock, Chris Hoisington and Anthony Hoisington

Produced by Chris Hoisington

Photographs by Sarah Bridgeman and Jessica Valle

Album Designer Jessica Valle

Special Thanks To Our BackerClub Members Who Financially Helped To Make This Record

Mainon Schwartz, Alan Raisman, Stian Herberg, Roger Smith, Wally Daniel, Mark Baker.

Special Thanks To Our Perk Donors :

Dale and Rebekkah Buffin Family, Tony Pullins, Tim Smith, Rick Incorvati, Phil and Dee Hale, Ian Zumback, Kent B Pelton, Timothy Bush