$5 Credit For Digital Comic Books @Comixology


Most of you know that I am a long time fan of comic book collecting. I was reading comic well before it was cool to read comic books. As my collection has grown over my comic books have started taking up more and more space in my home and lugging those long boxes around is getting harder and harder on my back.

This is why ComiXology is awesome. They offer thousands of digital comics that don’t take up any space in my home and I can read them wherever I am and dont have to worry about damaging the pages. In my opinion, ComiXology is the best digital comics platform on the planet. And you can bring your library wherever you go with comiXology’s FireOS, Android, iOS, and Windows apps.

I know times are financially tight, for me and you both, but if you’ve never read digital comics before and thin kyou might have an interest, Comixology has a deal that benefits us both.

If you use my link below you can get a $5 coupon on your first purchase. When you buy through my link, I earn a reward too! We both win! I hope you will check out Comixoligy today, and if you want any reccomendations I will be happy to share my favorites with you. Just ask.


Rick Lee James,

Voices In My Head Productions LLC