366 Days of Rick Video Project

The First 7 Days

I’ve decided confront my own humanity with a video project documenting myself over an entire year. I was going to call the project 365 Days of Rick but since it’s a leap year I had to throw in an extra day so now it’s called 366 days of Rick. I know what you’re thinking, that’s way too many days of Rick and I don’t disagree with you but let me explain the premise.

I plan on using this project to make a music video for one of my songs. I am taking a short video clip of my face every single day this year and stringing them all together into one video. The thought is that at the end I can see how a person (namely me) physically changes over the span of a year.

In our society we want instant gratification and I guess this is kind of my quiet protest against that. Significant things can happen over time, but we need to be willing to wait on them. I don’t know if this project will hold significance for anyone but me but I’m doing it anyway. I’m not a very patient person so it’s kind of stretching me to do something like this.

I just wanted to try something unique this year. I’m not sure exactly what the final outcome will be, but that’s what faith is, following when we don’t know where we are going. Maybe the release of this video will go along with the release of my next album. Who knows, maybe it will turn into something completely different by the end of the year.

With that said I wish you all a wonderful start to what I hope is a Happy New Year! Keep checking back for updates on my progress. I plan on giving previews. Right now there’s only two days of footage so it would be boring to show you anything yet. Blessings!!!


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