So You Made an Alliance with Babylon…

This is sooooo good. Please take some time to read it.

Rick Lee James



(See Isaiah 39 for context)

Dear Hezekiah,

So I hear you made an alliance with Babylon…

Let’s talk about that.

I know your options were limited. I know none of them seemed good. You’ve been under the thumb of the Assyrians for the last few years, and you felt the Egyptians breathing down your neck. I know you felt pressured from every side and frightened by a rapidly changing world with an uncertain future.

But Babylon? Really? That was where you decided to turn for protection? You chose to make an alliance with a worldly force that neither knows God nor fears him, a force guilty of doing the very things you detest in Assyria and Egypt. And yet you celebrate this alliance as if it were the salvation of God.

Nevertheless, you made your choice. Now you have to live with the consequences of your choice. Let me tell…

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