Advent Hymn (Watching Waiting Longing) Music Video

“I love Advent Hymn (Watching, Waiting, Longing), which gives newness to the phrases of Isaiah. Watching, waiting, and longing is what we do now, and these songs help us do that in confidence. I anticipate that this album will be received as a great gift by many who will find their faith nourished and awakened by it.”

Walter Brueggemann (Author: Prophetic Imagination, Finally Comes the Poet)

“Rick Lee James’s new video welcomes the celebration of life through the expectation of Jesus’ arrival. Check out the release of the brand new video for Advent Hymn (Watching, Waiting Longing) today!” – Matt Litton (Mockingbird Parables, Holy Nomad, Dream Again by Isaiah Austin)

Lifeway worship link




POdcast Listen


Special thanks to these wonderful people who financially helped to make this music video happen:

Nancy Shank

Donnie and Jill Acuff

David Dunn

Brian Powell and the Kentucky District Church of the Nazarene

Steve and Pamela Weaver

Janice Hill

Debby Ray

Christine Wolgast

Nathan Thue

Phil and Dee Hale

Caleb Ingram

Michael Poteet


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