Voices In My Head Podcast Episode #140: Sci- Fi Crossover with Matt Anderson and Ben DeBono, hosts of the Sci- Fi Christian Podcast

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It was great doing a crossover Podcast with my friends Matt Anderson and Ben DeBono from the Sci-Fi Christian Podcast. We discuss a sci-fi classic from 1998, Dark City.

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Jim Gaffigan Show

I don’t know Jim Gaffigan and I’m not affiliated with him in any way other than the fact that he is my favorite stand up comedian. It’s pretty well known that Gaffigan is a Catholic and his faith often has a place in His stand up comedy. His new show just started airing and for the time being the first episode is available online for free. The episode brilliantly and hilariously deals with the absurdity of trying to keep your faith, your career, and your life everyday separate. There is much to laugh at and think about in this particular episode.

For those who might be offended, there are a couple of uses of profanity so you might want to be aware of that going in. I’m posting this here simply because I think it deals with the issue of faith and culture brilliantly.


It’s good to be in Nashville tonight. I got to hang out with my friend Nicholas LaFleur for a bit and drink some delicious tea from ‘The Well’ coffeehouse. Back at my hotel room I ended the day using face time to talk to my beautiful wife Jennifer and my son Alexander. All in all, a tiring but very good day. Tomorrow I hit the recording studio with Craig Adams. I would appreciate your prayers that we make the best record we can for the glory of God. This is a prayer I pray often from the book of common prayer and I’m praying it for this project.

“God, whom saints and angels a delight to worship in heaven: be ever present with your servants who seek through art and music to perfect the praise offered by your people on earth; glimpses of your beauty, and make them worthy at length to behold it unveiled for evermore; through Jesus Christ our Lord.”