A C|C Music Artist Interview Featuring Rick Lee James

The good people at Comments on Christianity were kind enough to Rick Lee James me for their featured artist spot on their web site this week.


Comments on Christianity


By Derek Jordan

Q: What got you started in music?

A: My family was always very musical. We traveled when I was a kid doing concerts and revival services. I’ve always loved music but I really got serious about it in high school when I started playing guitar. From then on it was all I wanted to do. I ate, drank, and slept music. I’m not sure how I graduated high school with passing grades come to think of it, I was so busy trying to learn every instrument and song that I could get my hands on. Music actually got me away from my first love, comic books. At some point as a teen I had to decide between buying guitars and buying comics and guitars won out. I’ve since come back to comics though, but it’s getting to be too expensive of a hobby to keep up again.

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