Michael Card Endorses Rick Lee James’ New Book

Michael Card Endorses Rick Lee James’ New Book

Michael Card Endorsed My Book
I’m Pretty Excited
Hello Everyone,

I’m sorry for all the updates but I am incredibly excited about this one and have been waiting to tell you about it for a few days. Michael Card has recorded over 31 albums, authored or co-authored over 24 books, hosted a radio program, and written for a wide range of magazines. As a songwriter he has sold more than 4 million albums and has written over 19 #1 songs including such favorites as “El Shaddai”, “Love Crucified Arose”, and “Emmanuel”. I asked him if he would be willing to read my book and this is what he had to say about it.

“Rick Lee James has accomplished what I have been trying to do for decades; bring together the thoughtful reader with the discerning listener. He has written an important introduction to the Psalter which opens the door to his own musical interpretations.”

–Michael Card


There’s still 24 hours left to be a part of publishing the book. Simply follow this link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rickjamesmusic/out-of-the-depths-a-book-by-rick-lee-james

Rick Lee James

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