Voices In My Head (The Official Podcast of Rick Lee James)

Episode 53: Nick Flora, Sand Art, and A New Son 

Episode 52: Dr. Steven McKenzie and How To Read The Bible 

Episode 51: Eric Peters 

Episode 50: Listener Call-In Show 

Episode 49: Rick Lee James – Prayer Part 4 

Episode 48: Rick Lee James – Prayer Part 3

Episode 47: Rick Lee James – Prayer Part 2 

Episode 46: Rick Lee James – Prayer Part 1

Episode 45: Stephen Mansfield

Episode 44: Matt Litton 

Episode 43: Roger O’Neel 

Episode 42: Rick Lee James Sermon

Episode 41: Ben DeBono

Episode 40: Ben DeBono

Episode 39: Brian Zahnd

Episode 38: Jeff Pinkleton

Episode 37: Eddie Kirkland

Episode 36: Rick Lee James LIVE on 100.7FM WEEC Christian Radio

Episode 35: Paul Darilek

Episode 34: Daniel Dye

Episode 33: 

Episode 32: Ben Debono

Episode 31: Adam W. Powers 

Episode #30: Scott Roley 

Episode 29: Army Chaplain Rich Young

Episode 28: Mark Thompson

Episode 27: Jon Finney

Episode 26: Cindy Wilt Colville

Episode 25: Dr. David G. Myers 

Episode 24: Dr. Randy L. James 

Episode 23: David Black

Episode 22: Matthew Cole

Episode 21: Greg Voiles

Episode 20: Brett McCracken 

Episode 19: Andrew Osenga

Episode 18: Ian Morgan Cron, David L. Ward, Jeff Bourque, and Craig Adams

Episode 17: Jason Gray

Episode 16: Phil Sillas

Episode 15: Sara Groves

Episode 14: Brian Zahnd

Episode 13: The Worship Team

Episode 12: Eric Vinson

Episode 11: Fred Heumann

Episode 10: Andrew Peterson

Episode 9: Dr. Brannon Hancock

Episode 8: Michael Card

Episode 7: Brandon Sipes

Episode 6: Kyle Northrop 

Episode 5: Tripp York 

Episode 4: Matthew Cole

Episode 3: Daniel Dye

Episode 2: Rick Lee James 

Episode 1: Pilot 


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