Voices In My Head Podcast #8: The Michael Card Interview

LISTEN HERE On Episode #8 Rick welcomes Christian musician and author Michael Card. In a career that has spanned 30 years, Michael has recorded over 31 albums and authored or co-authored over 21 books, hosted a radio program, and written for a wide range of magazines. While he has penned such favorites as “El Shaddai”,Continue reading “Voices In My Head Podcast #8: The Michael Card Interview”

Michael Card on Podcast #8

I had a wonderful conversation today with Christian singer and author Michael Card. Michael has written over nineteen #1 songs and is releasing a new album and book on the gospel of Mark next month. Tune in to Voices In My Head podcast #8 next week to hear all about it. Podcast #7 is currentlyContinue reading “Michael Card on Podcast #8”

Steven Curtis Chapman & Andrew Peterson

Friday night my wife and I were privileged to see Steven Curtis Chapman, Andrew Peterson, and Josh Wilson in Westerville Ohio.  This is the first concert that I ever had front row tickets to and the musicianship was amazing.   This is a picture Jenn took as the concert was starting.  The highlight of the eveningContinue reading “Steven Curtis Chapman & Andrew Peterson”

Michael Card to Guest on Podcast #8

This is just a quick note for everyone who listens to my Podcast.  Christian singer Michael Card will be my guest on Episode #8 of Voices In My Head. He has just written a book and a companion CD on the book of Mark that will be released in March of 2012.  If you haveContinue reading “Michael Card to Guest on Podcast #8”

“Voices In My Head” Podcast #7 with Brandon Sipes

On Episode #7 Rick Welcomes good friend Brandon Sipes, the President of RE-Frame, LLC and a Senior Consultant to The ARIA Group (ariagroup.com). During his career, Brandon has engaged with identity conflicts in the United States and around the world, leading to an understanding of the ways in which identity can be utilized for bothContinue reading ““Voices In My Head” Podcast #7 with Brandon Sipes”

Voices In My Head Podcast #6 is online

On Episode #6 Rick Welcome’s “Pasty Nerd” Kyle Northrop of the “Three Pasty Nerds Podcast”. Meet the man that made Rick start the Podcast Throw-down with the Pasty Nerds.  You can also learn how to play the Batman theme song on   “The Practically Useless Guitar Lesson.” Plus the Podcast debut of the song,  “All CreaturesContinue reading “Voices In My Head Podcast #6 is online”

Podcast Episode #5 with Author Tripp York

On Episode #5 Rick Welcome’s Tripp York, author of “The Devil Wears Nada”. Tripp made a deal with the devil to pay his student loans (the devil hasn’t held up his end), he sings punk music, teaches philosophy & theology on a university level, does theater (acting and directing), skateboards, surfs, reads comics and isContinue reading “Podcast Episode #5 with Author Tripp York”