5 comments on “What’s So Gay about the Bible (part 2)

  1. So what I glean from your 2 posts is you endorse homosexuality. You clearly do not call it wrong. Typical modern day confusion. You go all over the board to create doubt and then never clearly state what you do believe. You confuse the love of God with the judgements of God.  Wow if this is a “charitable discourse” then I guess I will remain one of those “church people” you label so adversely 


    • Thanks for the discussion Peter. Yeah, I include myself in the church people category as well. I actually haven’t stated what I believe yet as I’m trying to get a discussion going about the passages. I would love to hear your thoughts and exegesis on these passages so we can keep the discussion going. My heart is to be pleasing to God and to see His heart on the matter. I definitely do have feelings but am trying my best not to let them influence the exegesis as of yet. I think this subject is one that has touched all of us in one form or another. Every church I’ve ever been in has had people struggling (or not struggling) with this issue. I think with the discussions taking place at our Nazarene Universities and with books like Dan Boone’s being written it’s a great time for us to have the conversation, for the sake of reaching all people with the saving message of Jesus and making Christlike disciples in all nations. I really appreciate your input and thank you for taking time to read my blog. I look forward to hearing more from you on the matter.



  2. Rick,
    I certainly do not want to get into an attack mode with you on this, but can you save me the time and state your position on homosexuality? Do you believe it is sin for men or women to be sexual with one another in a perverted fashion? It’s really a yes or no answer in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong I am not against sinners just a preacher against sin. Sinner need the truth not more mixed messages. The way you write on those two passages in both blogs gives me an impression you find homosexual behavior to be acceptable even though you did not say it as such. We really do not need more confusion on what the Word of God says so clearly and how obvious the pumping was designed by our creator.


    • Amen, brother. It was not my intention to confuse and I certainly don’t want to come off as being against sinners. I definitely believe it’s wrong for men or women to be be sexual in a perverted fashion. I affirm everything that Jesus says in scripture about homosexuality. I’ve never really done a scripture study for myself on what the Bible says about it until now. I’ve just always heard people say what the Bible says. My desire is to look into the passages of scripture that speak of it to have a deeper understanding of it for myself.

      I look to one of my spiritual mentors, Henri J. M. Nouwen, as a homosexual person who submitted his life to his Savior, not his sexuality. I think that is really where the Bible leads us. It is asking us who will we submit to? Who will be Lord? Heterosexual fornicators are not entering into the Kingdom so why would homosexual fornicators? The problem is that I think we have made one more sinful than the other.

      I also want to say this though, as one who is straight and has never had feelings of attraction for the same sex, I don’t want to minimize the struggle that many of my friends, fellow believers, and family are going through. It’s from my desire to be Christ to them that I am seeking out what the Bible says as a better understanding for myself. To my own shame I must say that in the past I have dehumanized homosexuals in my mind and treated them as if they didn’t matter to me or to the God’s heart. I was dead wrong to think that.

      Gay or straight, to follow Christ, we must all submit to him and be changed. “It’s the way I was made” is not a good enough answer for anyone who wants to be a disciple. Change is part of the journey. The real question for me is who will be Lord in our lives? Do we bow to your sexual identity or do we bow to the Lord? Does the Lord have the right to tell us how to have sex? I think He does. That’s actually where this study is taking me.

      Thanks so much for your gracious thoughts on the matter. Blessings to you brother. Pray for me and I will pray for you as we journey together.


  3. For what it was worth I read your first blog post to 6 mature Christian adults who love God. All six of them got the same impression. That impression was whoever wrote that is trying to Justify homosexuality and trying to cause doubt and straddling the fence on the issue.


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